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Bonds offering

The future of Bond trading

Our digital Bonds offering cuts out the time-consuming and cost-intensive middleman, giving investors direct online access to global Bonds providers and European exchanges via our award-winning trading platform SaxoTraderGO.

10K Minimums

Trading bonds with Saxo means access to a professional trading environment, which provides you with the information, the liquidity and the technology you need to execute when and where you want. Enjoy all the advantages of trading like a pro, staring from minimums as low as USD 10K

At Saxo there are no pricing surprises. Our rates are competitive and our price schemes are easy to understand.

European government bonds 0.20%
(minimum 80 EUR)**
(minimum 50 EUR)**
US government bonds 0.20% ***
(minimum 80 EUR)**
(minimum 50 EUR)**
European and US corporate bonds0.20%
(minimum 80 EUR)**
(minimum 50 EUR)**
Emerging Markets bonds 0.20%
(minimum 80 EUR)**
(minimum 50 EUR)**

* See more under rates and conditions for bonds.

** The equivalent if traded in another currency.

*** For US government bonds there is an additional external execution fee of 0.0004% embedded in the price.

Saxo Bond Robotics

Saxo’s Bond Robotics help you trade bonds the way you want. Building on comprehensive pricing information, our system offers an indicative best price for an instant trade*. Take that price, and in approximately 90-95% of cases your trade will go through at that indicated price or better.

Alternatively, for some Bonds, you have the possibility to take full control and set your own price and limits for your trade to be traded on the exchanges. The system will determine when and whether these conditions are met in the time window you specify – be it hours, days or even weeks – and trade once they are.



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Seamless Bond trading

At Saxo, bonds are treated like the other asset classes. You access the bond markets – and your bond holdings – with the same tools and from the same account that you use for other assets. This is more than just convenient. It means you can use your bond holdings as collateral when trading on margin or directly hedge your currency risk from your one account. With Saxo, trading and investing is a simple as possible and manifold as you want it.


Best Execution

You decide on the trade, and we provide the best price*. Our platform provides automated access to multiple exchanges and liquidity sources, automatically directing your trade to the one with the best conditions at that moment.

* Best accessible price from up to 40 global bonds providers and major exchanges called by Saxo’s algorithm

Global Access

Our range does not stop at the big currencies and markets. In addition to government and corporate Bonds from the US and Europe, you gain access to selected high yield and emerging market paper including LATAM, APAC and MENA in both USD and local currency.

Reliability and Service

Yes, our trading technology and cross-asset platforms are reliable, but it goes beyond that. True reliability means liquidity, transparent pricing, market access and a commitment to client support and long-term client relationships.

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