Getting Started with Saxoselect

​Getting Started with SaxoSelect

Assessing the strategies

1. Click on "See More" to view a detailed description of the strategy theme, performance, pricing and trade activity in the "Overview" section on the right hand side. ​

2. Here you will find all the information necessary to make an investment decision. This section allows you to review and compare the different strategies, selecting the options which suit you most. 

Taking the Suitability Test

1. Once you have selected a suitable strategy, you can proceed to the investment stage by clicking on the "Invest" button.

2. The first time you attempt to perform an investment, the platform will prompt you to take a Suitability test. This short test is designed to assess the suitability of the service to your investment objectives and level of experience.

3. Once you have completed and passed the Suitability test, the system will request that you grant a Power of Attorney to Saxo Bank and accept the Terms & Conditions of the service prior to performing an investment. ​

4. Next you will receive a confirmation of your test results and will be able to proceed to the investment stage.

Performing an investment

1. Enter the sum you wish to invest in the "Amount" field of the Investment window.

2. You can also set your Investment Shield value at this stage. The Investment shield is an additional risk management measure which allows SaxoSelect users to control their investment at all times. In the event that the account value reaches the Investment Shield level, all open positions under the particular strategy will be closed and the link to the strategy will be automatically discontinued.

3. Click on "REVIEW INVESTMENT" once you are ready to proceed.

4. Next tick the confirmation box and click "CONFIRM" in order to perform the investment.

5. A separate subaccount will be automatically created for the selected strategy and you will immediately see the duplication of positions on your account. Each trade execution is accompanied by a trade confirmation and the strategy itself can now be viewed in the "Portfolios" section below.

6. All subsequent trade activity will be reflected on your subaccount in real time. You can monitor your investment live directly in the trading terminal, allowing you to assess the performance of the strategy in real time.

7. SaxoSelect is designed to be transparent and allow each client to easily control their investment within their existing account. Clients have complete freedom over the size of their investment and can chose to stop, reduce or increase the allocated amounts at any time. ​

8. The service allows you to benefit from the skills, strategy and expertise of professional traders whilst retaining complete control over the invested amount.