Managing your SaxoSelect Investment

Managing your SaxoSelect Investment ​

Monitoring portfolio performance

1. Now we will review the way in which you can monitor and control your investments in SaxoSelect.

2. Once you have allocated funds to the SaxoSelect strategies, you can review your investments in the "Portfolios" section of the platform.

3. This section provides a convenient overview of the status of your investments, including the overall return, account value and investment shield levels for each individual strategy. Every new strategy appears in this section and can be managed individually at the client's discretion.

4. Historic performance on individual accounts can also be tracked in the "Account Overview" menu under the "Account" tab. ​

5. This section offers a detailed summary of changes in account value and percentage return on each subaccount, allowing users to monitor the performance on their investment over time. 

Managing your investment

1. If you wish to change the amount invested in a particular strategy, click on the "Manage" button to summon the Manage Investment window. Here you can both increase or reduce the amount invested in a particular strategy or edit the value of the Investment Shield.

2. It should be noted that both deposits and withdrawals in an active strategy result in a portfolio rebalancing and additional trade executions.

3. You can select the target subaccount where the funds will be withdrawn or deposited in the "Account" field. If the currency of the target account differs from the currency of the strategy a conversion will take place.

4. The value of the Investment Shield can be amended at any time. In the event that the account value reaches the level of the investment shield, the link to the strategy is broken and all positions are closed at market. This function is essentially designed as an additional risk management measure allowing each investor to limit their potential loss. It should be noted that the value is unique for each individual strategy and does not affect investments on other subaccounts. 

5. Clients have complete control over their SaxoSelect investment at all times. If you wish to discontinue an investment, click on the "Stop" button. Once you have confirmed that you wish to stop the investment and close all positions, the link to the strategy will be broken and you will be able to withdraw funds to your main account. ​

6. These functions offer clients an unprecedented degree of freedom over their investments. As a result, each SaxoSelect investor has complete discretion over the timing, size and allocation of their investments across strategies depending on their personal requirements and preferences.