How to trade Futures on the SaxoTrader platform

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1. Let’s begin by creating a new view; click on ​ File> View > Add View

2. To view the available futures products to trade, select ​Trading, then Instrument Explorer and drop down to Futures. ​

3. The instruments listed here are readily available to trade.

4. You can also search for the Futures contract of your choice by entering its name or ticker into the “Look for” field. For example, enter “FPN4” into the field. 

5.Right click on the chosen futures contract in order to open the Trade Ticket.


1. The Trade Ticket window opens and allows you to either trade at market prices or place a trade order at a specific price.

  • When trading on a demo account, futures prices are delayed by 15 minutes, which is indicated by the orange price windows and clock icon.

  • Clients on live accounts can subscribe to the relevant exchange in order to trade on live prices, which are indicated by green price windows.

  • To enable the subscription to real time futures price data go to the Account tab and click on the Manage subscriptions module.

  • Futures exchanges can be found in the Futures Exchanges section.

  • Subscribing to an exchange gives you access to live prices on all futures contracts traded on the particular exchange.

  • When the exchange is closed, prices for the futures are displayed purple in the price window. Futures market orders placed in the Order tab when the exchange is closed will be filled at the best available price when the market opens. ​

2. Enter the amount you would like to trade. For example 5 Gasoil July 2014 contracts. The cost of trading can be viewed in the Info section of the trade ticket prior to placing the trade request.

3. You can also view the lot size, margin requirements and expiry date in the trade ticket.

4. In the platform with default settings, clients with real time pricing can click enable in the trade window and proceed to buying or selling the futures contract by clicking on the Ask price in order to buy the futures, or Bid in order to sell it.

5. In the demo, clients trade on delayed prices and must place orders in the Order tab of the trade ticket. ​

6. Place a market order to buy 5 Gasoil July 2014 contracts by selecting “Market” in the Entry type field and then clicking Place orders.

A trade confirmation appears on the screen if the market order is executed. ​


1. You can view the new position in the "Open Positions" section in the Account Summary.

2. Simply click on Account and then go to the Account Summary.

3. To place a related Limit order or Stop order, click on these icons respectively and select your stop loss and take profit prices. Once you have defined your required price levels and selected the desired duration, click on the Place orders button. ​

4. A window containing all relevant order information will appear. Review the displayed order information and confirm the details to place the order. An order confirmation will appear.

If a trade has been executed, a trade confirmation will appear.  ​

5. To view your open orders, proceed to the Trading tab and click on Open Orders. This section offers you the ability to change, cancel or convert your order to a Market order.

6. In order to view all your open positions, proceed to the Trading tab and click on Open Positions. You can immediately close an open position or place a related order such as a Stop Loss or a Limit (Take Profit) order directly from the Open Positions section.​

7​. In order to open the Chart module, select Trading and then click on New Chart. Enter the instrument you wish to view into the Instrument field. Furthermore, icons showing your open positions, as well as related orders for this particular instrument, will appear on the chart.

8​​. To change your related orders you can easily click on the line and drag it up or down in the chart.

If you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact your account manager. 

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