How to trade Stock Options on SaxoTrader

Watch the video to learn how to trade Stocks on SaxoTrader. 
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Video script​


1. Let’s start with clearing out the screen by creating a new view; click on File> View > Add View

2. To view the available Stock Options, select Trading, then Instrument Explorer and drop down to Stock Options.

3. The instruments listed here are readily available to trade.

4. You can also search for the desired instrument by entering the Stock name or ticker into the “Look for” field. For example, enter “Deutsche Bank” or “DBK” into the field. Be sure to select the instrument listed under “Stock Options” 

5.Right click on the chosen Stock Option in order to open the Trade Ticket.​​


6. The Trade Ticket window opens with key details to help you place a trade order.​

7. Here you can choose the date at which the option expires and the exercise price of the option.

8. Then, you should choose if you would like to buy (call) or sell (put) the underlying stock.

9. In the Quantity field you will select the number of contracts that you want to buy or sell.

10. Selecting Buy/Sell will open a call or put position respectively in an options transaction.

11. Chose the type of order you wish to place in the ‘Entry type’ field.

12. You can also choose the price you would like to buy or sell

13. Finally, you can select the duration.​

14. Once you have entered all the necessary information and you are ready to proceed with the trade, press the Place Order button. A window will appear with all the relevant information to review and confirm your order. Please press “OK” to proceed with the order. Your trade confirmation appears. 


15. You can view the new position in the “Open Positions” section of the Account Summary.​ Just click on  Account and then go to the Account Summary.
From your account summary you can close your open position or you can enter related limit and stop orders. 

16. More advanced users, can place Stock Option orders using the Contract Options Chain​. ​

17. To do that, click on Trading, Watchlist  and select Contract Options Chain from the drop down menu. ​

18. When the window opens, enter your target Stock Option name or ticker in the Instrument field. This will open the Stock Option Chain for the particular instrument.

If you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact your account manager. 

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