Improvements to the Trade Ticket in SaxoTrader


In October 2015 we will release a number of enhancements to the Trade Tickets for Stocks, Stock CFDs, and Futures in the SaxoTrader platform:

Instrument price in the Order tab
The Bid and Ask prices for Stocks, Stock CFDs and Futures will be shown in the Order tab of the Trade Ticket along with the Bid and Ask size.

Level 2 data in Order tab
If you subscribe for Level 2 data from the exchange, market depth will now be shown in the Order tab of the Trade Ticket.

Clicking in a Market Depth level populates a Limit Order to Buy or Sell with the accumulated amount for that level. The levels will remain highlighted until there is a change in the level 2 data.

Horizontal bars indicating the relative Bid or Ask size have been added along with a live/delay indicator and the Last Updated timestamp.​