New Account Performance Tools in SaxoTraderGO

​The recently-launched SaxoTraderGO platform has already been updated with important new Account performance tools.

These Tools are available from the Account Overview page under the Performance tab in Account section:


The Account Overview shows performance and information for All Accounts or the Account selected in the Account selector:


Account Value Chart

The Account Value Chart shows the end-of-day (GMT) values on the selected account (or all accounts) for the selected period.


The mouse-over shows the end-of-day account value on a specific date.

% Return Chart

The % Return Chart can be shown in place of the Account Value by selecting the % Returns tab.
The % Return Chart shows the time-weighted % return at the end-of-day (GMT) for the selected account (or all accounts) for the selected period.


The mouse-over shows the % return on a specific date.

% Return Table

The % Return Table shows the % return for each calendar month on the selected account (or all accounts). 


Incomplete months are marked with a *.

Position History

The Position History panel shows some basic statistics for your account (or all accounts):

  • Account existence (days)
  • Average position duration
  • Long  Short
  • Positions (win / total)
  • Win % (closed positions)

The closed position table charts the number of positions closed on specific dates.

New Account details

A new Account details dialog is now available from the Account Overview showing a breakdown of:

  • Cash available for trading cash products  such as stocks and bonds
  • Margin available for trading margin products such as Forex, CFDs, Futures and options
  • Margin utilization of margin trades
  • Net Exposure of your open positions (value of your positions converted back into your account's currency)
  • Exposure coverage of your account value to the value of open positions
  • Account value – daily, monthly and yearly % changes in the value of the account