New Chart Features in the SaxoTraderGO Platform

The recently-launched SaxoTraderGO platform has already been updated with updates to the chart:

More features have been added to the chart in SaxoTrader GO.

New Annotations

New features available from the Annotations menu:


  • Measure tool is now available allowing you to measure the pips, % price difference and bar count between two points on a chart
  • Remove All Annotations – a new Remove all Annotations button has been added which removes all annotations in the chart and in any subpanels

New studies

5 new studies are now available from the Add Study Menu:


  • ADX - Average Directional Index
  • PSAR - Parabolic SAR
  • DMI - Directional Movement Index
  • MOM - Momentum
  • WPR - Williams' % R

Other features

The time period has been added in front of the instrument name.


  • You can now change the background and text colors for the Y- and X- in addition to the chart background color through Chart configuration.