SaxoTrader Updates

A number of new features have recently been released on the SaxoTrader platform:

Currency Account Warnings
To help prevent trading on the wrong sub-account, a new feature has been implemented which warns you if you are trading an instrument in a currency for which another account exists with the same currency as the instrument.

For example if you have a USD and EUR accounts, the platform will warn you if you try to place a US stock trade on the EUR account.

The platform will not prevent you from making the trade but will warn you that you might be placing the trade on the wrong sub-account.


Exporting the Watchlist, and Orders Lists
A snapshot of your Watchlists, Positions List, Orders Lists and Trade Blotter can be exported to Excel by right-clicking in the list and selecting Export all to CSV from the context menu.

  • We have limited the columns that can be exported from the Watchlist and Open Orders – price and sector columns will be now excluded from the export
  • All columns in Open Positions and the Trade Blotter can now we exported

To facilitate exports, an Export button has been included in the Header Panel in Open Positions and the Trade Blotter.

Retirement of HTTP and TCP Protocol Support
Support for the HTTP and TCP protocols has now been retired.

SaxoTrader now communicates with the bank's servers using the secure HTTPS and TLS protocols – read more information about HTTPS and TLS here.​