SaxoTrader Updates

A number of new features have recently been released on the SaxoTrader platform:

Decommissioning the security key in SaxoTrader

All client-server communication between SaxoTrader and Saxo Bank's trade servers now runs exclusively on the encrypted and secure HTTPS and TLS protocols. With these new levels of communications security the Security Key in SaxoTrader, currently used for communications encryption has become obsolete and will soon be decommissioned.

Easier access to SaxoTrader

This will mean that installing SaxoTrader will be easier than ever where you no longer have to generate a key and contact Saxo Bank's customer support to activate it. And installing SaxoTrader on more than one PC will no longer require you to export and import keys between computers.

You will continue to log in to SaxoTrader with your current User ID and Password as with Saxo Bank's other platforms SaxoTraderGO and SaxoWebTrader.

No impact on your connectivity or trading

Saxo Bank will discontinue the security key requirement in the second half of August 2015. No action is required from you, you can continue using SaxoTrader without interruption and there will be no impact on your access to the platform.

Default Related Order Settings

To improve the efficiency of placing trades and orders, it is now possible to select the default setting for adding related orders, under Trading > Trade Settings > Orders

 Under Related Stop and Limit Orders settings, select

  • Open 'Related Orders' dialog after trade to check the Open 'Related Orders' dialog checkbox on the Trade tab in the Trade Ticket by default
  • Preset for 3-way orders to check the Limit and Stop checkboxes on the Order tab in the Trade Ticket by default
On the same Order Settings dialogue, you can now also specify your Default stop type and Trailing step for trailing orders.​