End of support for Silverlight Chart in SaxoWebTrader in Google Chrome Browsers

chrome_Button.pngAs previously announced, Google will end support for Silverlight from September 2015. This means that it will not be possible to use the Silverlight chart in the SaxoWebTrader platform in Google Chrome browsers from September. Read the latest announcement from Google here.

We highly recommend you switch to the new SaxoTraderGO platform as soon as possible which has a new HTML5-based chart with comparable features to the SaxoWebTrader Silverlight chart.



Log in to the SaxoTraderGO​ platform here (same User ID and password as SaxoWebTrader)

SaxoWebTrader will continue to be available from: www2.saxowebtrader.com for some time. To continue using the chart in the SaxoWebTrader platform we recommend the use of:

IE.pngInternet Explorer on Windows PCs

safari.pngSafari on Macs