US Treasury Options now available

​​We are pleased to announce the addition of Options on US Treasury Bonds including 5-, 10- and 30-year notes and US ultra-bonds.


Symbol Treasury Option
​​​OZF:xcme5-Year U.S. Treasury Note
OZN:xcme10-Year U.S. Treasury Note
OZB:xcme(30 Year) U.S. Treasury Bond
​​​OUB:xcme Ultra T-Bond

Fractional Notation

Treasury Options use 'modern-fractional notation' to show prices in 1/64s where for example:

0'10.5 = 0 10.5/64 = 0 21/128

 Treasury Futures use modern-fractional notation to show prices in 1/32nd where for example

109-07.25 = 109 7.25/32 = 109 29/128​