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Invest in a global portfolio of 30 quality stocks actively managed and rebalanced by Saxo Bank in collaboration with Morningstar.

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Combining Research and Technology

We have collaborated with Morningstar, Inc. to transform their trusted independent research into actionable investment opportunities through our leading trading technology.

SaxoSelect Equity Portfolios enables you to conveniently acquire a diversified portfolio of 30 quality stocks based on Morningstar’s research and proven value investing methodology.

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Benefit from the expertise of two leading financial institutions and gain access to an actively managed stock portfolio built on the principles of value investin


Spread your risk across sectors and countries through this portfolio of 30 quality stocks specifically selected by Morningstar.


Achieve full visibility and control over each of the stocks in your portfolio anytime from your SaxoTraderGO account.


Save time by selecting this actively managed global equity portfolio that has been built in collaboration with Morningstar.

Additional Information


Estimating Fair Value

Discover how Morningstar determines the intrinsic value of a stock over the long term. Watch video


Identifying Competitive Advantages

Learn how Morningstar identifies companies capable of delivering long-term returns. Watch video


Product Fact Sheet

Gain a deeper understanding of how SaxoSelect Equity Portfolios works. Download white paper


Equity Research Methodology

Read a comprehensive overview of the process Morningstar uses to evaluate stocks. Download white paper


What makes a MOAT

Learn how Morningstar calculates their Economic MOAT ratings. Download white paper


Benefits of Diversification

Learn about diversification’s favourable effect on risk and returns. Download white paper

Pairing industry-leading expertise with cutting-edge technology

With SaxoSelect you can invest in a selection of curated investment portfolios – built exclusively for you.

  • Trading Strategies from experienced investors exclusively selected by Saxo Bank
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All investment portfolios are based on the industry-leading expertise of our partners and strategy providers and brought to you through our award-winning SaxoTraderGO platform.



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